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G Spotter

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  1. G Spotter - The Sixty Niner

    G Spotter Sixty Niner + Patch Cables

    This omnidirectional antenna is 69 cm tall and will work on all mobile frequencies including 4G LTE right now and also 3G/4G/4GX/LTE 700/850/900/1800/2100/2600 Mhz

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  2. G Spotter with Base

    True Blue G Spotter Kit - G Spotter Antenna, Base Mount, Cables & Leads

    The Complete Kit Available Now!
    It comes complete with True Blue G Spotter, desktop and magnetic base mount, 1.5m connections and patch leads for SW 320 modems and all Telstra and Optus wifi hotspot modems.
    We loves these antennas and use them all the time so much so that we now sell them to help our customers improve their connectivity and streaming.

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2 Item(s)

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