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Tricaster mini


NewTek produce a range of products within the video production industry. NDI is the future of live production and is available at NewTek. In a single, interconnected production environment, where any device can connect to every other device, NDI has limitless possibilities . With Connect Spark converters from HDMI to NDI or SDI to NDI, NewTek has you covered. Simply connect your NDI PTZ Camera and you have a live video input that can broadcast, stream, and record live video, audio, all with control and power on one ethernet cable. 

The TalkShow VS-100 is another beauty from NewTek and now the TalkShow VS-4000, which are video calling production systems that are designed to enhance Skype video calls and take them to television studio quality.

Contact us to find out how the NewTek range can help take your event online.

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