Celebrating the 2016 Penrith Panthers Season

With the end of the football season comes with it the all exciting presentation evenings…..and we got to live stream the Penrith Panthers Merv Cartwright Medal live from the Penrith Panthers Club. A night full of famous faces and names, past and present including Greg Alexander, Phil Gould, Matt Moylan, Peter Wallace and more.

Live video streaming events such as presentation evenings, team functions and other team events are a great way to get the fans involved on a another level than just on game day. The Panthers previously live streamed their 50th Season Gala Dinner to both Facebook and their website so it was great to see them further build on the use of the platform and continue to build their online audience.

And of course it would be remiss of us not to mention that the winner of the Merv Cartwright Medal was forward Trent Merrin, who made is debut for Penrith in the 2016 season…..congratulations Trent!

If you would like to learn more about how to utilise live video streaming and webcasts to reach your fans then get in touch via email on info@thestreamingguys.com.au or call 0411098338

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