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Book a demonstration

If you would like a demonstration of our streaming equipment or the Livestream CDN capabilities and features or video quality demonstrated, simply contact us and arrange an online demonstration. We will live video stream the demonstration to you!

World class support

The Streaming Guys and the Livestream Platform provide world class email and phone support. Platform subscriptions and professional product purchases can qualify for 24hr support from The Streaming Guys or the award winning Livestream Platform.

Dedicated consultants

Our consultants have industry leading experience in live streaming equipment and production. Our specialists in sports, corporate and seminar streaming are industry experts and can advise on the best equipment and CDN’s for your requirements.

Turn Key Solutions

Turn-Key Solutions

The Streaming Guys can taylor a turn-key streaming solution for any organisation and any budget. We supply inexpensive camera top streaming transmitters for people who have a camera and tripod right up to 17 camera TV quality production systems including production switchers, cameras, tripods and professional audio that stream in multi-bitrate HD quality. Our kits are perfectly suited to schools, sports clubs, corporate, government, court houses and worship organisations. Simply contact our office with your requirements and we can taylor a professional quality turn-key streaming solution.

Experienced Livestream Australia Consultants

Experienced Consultants

Our team of consultants and streaming producers have extensive experience in all aspects of live video streaming. The Streaming Guys have provided complete streaming solutions for online sporting portals including all equipment, training, website development, paywalls and start up staff. Our clients range from government to worship, sport to corporate, City CBD to remote rural areas. Our streaming consultants can create a solution for your project or organisation including Agency Activations, Tourism Initiatives and any event large or small.

Livestream for your Business

Livestream For Your Business

The Streaming Guys provide equipment, installation, training, support and even staff to ensure your business can produce professional live video streaming productions from day one. If you require in-house streaming capabilities or are an internet video startup, or are a business that owns content and would like to monetise with streaming, The Streaming Guys can help. Our clients include Mint Pictures, The Remote Control Tourist, Queensland Government, AFL Riverina, Country Rugby League, NRL.

Book Your Demonstration Livestream Australia

Book Your Demonstration

The Streaming Guys only sell equipment and content delivery platforms we use on a daily basis. We can organise an online demonstration of our products via live video streaming. This enables clients at any location to view our products in real time. Simply contact us to book a demonstration. Our clients include Tourism Victoria, the Victorian Government, Hungry Jacks, Red Bull, Exit Films, Mint Pictures, ANZ Bank, The Business Spectator, My Sport Live.