A Week of Facebook Live Streaming with TAFE NSW

For the past week, we’ve had the opportunity to live stream for TAFE NSW; Street food chef Jackie M., Sound production, the Currumbin wildlife hospital and more.

In addition, we broadcasted the digital sculpting master class presented by Lily Dell. Powered by the Teradek Bond II, Livestream HD550, and Livestream Studio Software, we provided excellent live footage from a range of NSW TAFE campuses. These live videos were streamed to Facebook utilising live Livestream Studio Software. As it was the open week for TAFE NSW, live streaming was a great resource to reach a large audience and encourage enrolment into a wide range of courses offered by TAFE NSW.

We began our first day of streaming at the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital. We had the pleasure of following “wildlife warrior” Mimi Dona, and senior Veterinarian Michael Pyne for a live tour and Q&A. For our second day of streaming, we found ourselves in Newcastle broadcasting a live feed inside of TAFE’s world class music and production studio. For day three of TAFE NSW’s open week, live streaming of Lily Dell demonstrating 3D sculpting and animation was performed. On day four, Jackie M’s cooking class was lived streamed, demonstrating the preparation of the delicious traditional Malaysian dish of Laksa.

To check it out for yourself or to cook along, head to The Streaming Guys. Jackie’s interesting live stream has generated an audience of over 9,000 so far, as a result the Facebook live chat filled with comments, making it easy for TAFE NSW to reach their intended audience and answer questions immediately after they were asked. By providing this immediate feedback on numerous topics, such as different ingredients, and sharing her story, Jackie was able to inspire many people to cook and create.

Get in touch if you would like to create your own Facebook Live stream by emailing info@thestreamingguys.com.au or call 1300 653 052.

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