A Live Stream Audience with The Prime Minister

This week was another action packed week for us here at The Streaming Guys – we were travelling up and down the east coast like a yoyo and loving every minute of it! One of our jobs for our client CEDA took us to the Grand Hyatt Melbourne to live stream the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in an address to CEDA members and delegates. His address starts from 5m 15 secs.

A two camera set up with a dedicated camera operator and Streaming Technician allowed us to have a tight shot of the Prime Minister as well as a wide shot including the audience to switch between. A small hiccup with the uninvited crowd meant we had to react quickly and make some last minute adjustments so as to deliver a professional stream for our cient.

CEDA’s live streams are a great way for them to reach not only more of their members but also a wider audience in general as they not only stream to their website but also to their YouTube channel.

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